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Refresh Page after Submit

har7801 , May 03 2018
har7801 135
May 03 2018 #377450
I have a great form set up and it works, currently I have a {redirect:index} after the save on the event, but I would much prefer the page refreshes the data on the page its on.
I looked at the loop function, but I have no idea what goes in the fields? Am I on the right path? I tried some html and JS refresh code in a CC field but I got all sorts of issues.
GreyHead 63.5
May 03 2018 #377465
Hi har7801,
I am not clear what you need to do here? Is this a ChronoForm or a ChronoConnectivity listing?
You can set a URL for the redirect if you need to.
ChronoForms technical support
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har7801 135
May 03 2018 #377467
Sorry I'll try to be clearer.
I have a page with some text fields the are followed by a submit button.
After the submit button I have a list view of those fields answers. Like a sign in sheet. You sign in, click submit, the list below shows who has already signed in.
The redirect after the submit takes you back to the main menu,and you can click back into the sign in page for the next person, the previous person is then shown in the list. If I could just hit submit, have th data save, then reload the page with the new data that it the goal.
I can't use a URL or redirect to that event as its a dynamic URL as it calls data based on article_id and it changes depending on the event being signed into.
Built in CCv6
cruser 46
October 11 2018 #380717
I'd like to do this as well. Did you get this figured out?