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Reserved Words, eg: event.

Hi all,
I have been having a terrible time with a CF6 and CC6 I have been making, done a few rage shutdowns through the night and trying again with fresh eyes. The forms, no matter what just would not save to the DB. They would generate them but not save to them.
Now, I think I may have found the issue but am hoping for some learned advice, one of the text fields I was trying to save I named in both title and name as 'event'. Is this a reserved word?
Once I did a basic setup, changing nothing, not event the field titles it worked fine in a test, changed the name to event and BOOM dead, then to event111 and BOOM back to working gain. I checked the DB and found it started saving things like 'submit' into the event field that hadnt been auto updated like it normally would have.
Am I on the right track here. Are there other words I shouldnt use for the same reason?
Hi har7801,
Yes there are a few - Please see this FAQ for a list of some of them.
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I would also caution against using "date" : when auto-inserting into the database it doesn't work and you have to add it to the multiline list of fields to insert manually.
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