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How to edit records....

dhuizinga1 , April 19 2018
dhuizinga1 104
April 19 2018 #377135
width many helps and trying over and over. Falling down and standing up again.. angry and confusing i made a couple of lists... But i don;t get get the working of how to edit records. I try to look at the CV6 build in examples but I don't get it how it works. In one of my list I did something (i don;t know exactly what).. and in that list i can update a record... so i thought to do the same in an another list and there doesn;t work...
Im totally confused by Connetions, View, Variables, Functions... One great mess for me..
please is there a tutorial or basic that explains how to edit records.. explaining in a happy way perhaps :-)
or is there someone who can help me with...
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amheng5 117
February 08 at 03:36 #383712
I'm following:

I can create edit/view links and call the form; however the result is a blank form I use under CF6.

Under READ table:

filtering setting:{data:MODEL_id}

Fields to retrieve

Views tab
link button: view_record_link
Event: view
Content: {}

Link Button: Record_form
Event: view
Action URL: Model_id={}
Data Provider {var:read_details list name}
AJAX Form selected
{chronoform/section:cf6-alias/section name}

columns list: model.filename:column name
column views:

result is a blank CF6 form

Been working on this for quite a while and researching the forum with no luck. Any advice will be appreciated.
healyhatman 5.7
February 08 at 05:55 #383713
Poster 2 I can't really help you just from that. If you give me access details I can have a look at your connection and give you free vague advice.
OP: Sorry buddy but it's complicated and takes a while to learn. There are FAQs and demo connections, all I can suggest is that you work through them.
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You can now copy+paste code from forums
amheng5 117
February 08 at 16:34 #383725
I appreciate the advice. I've been a long time cc and cf user(since version 3) and the faqs and tutorials can be a bit hard to follow/understand. I'm not a programmer so it would be nice to have real world examples clearly described :-)
How do I send your offline info for you to view my form in question? thanks
healyhatman 5.7
February 08 at 20:55 #383732
PM. And there are real world examples there's the demo connections
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I don't work for ChronoEngine but I do accept donations

You can now copy+paste code from forums