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CFv6 questions about e-mail action

TjerkH , April 18 at 16:22
I'm on Joomla 3.8 and Chronoforms V6.017 and trying to understand tne new e-mail action. Would appreciate some guidance as I can't find the solutions neither in the manual nor on this forum. So here are some questions:
- What is the difference between the body in the general tab and the autotemplate tab?​
​- Is my assumption correct that if the switch "auto add fields data" is switched on the body in the autotemplate is activated?
- Can I change the order of the fields when using the auto add feature? (For some strange reason the order is now field# 1,2,3,6,7,8,4,5)
- If the body on the general tab is empty, the e-mail isn't send?
- When inserting {AUTO_FIELDS} in the body it's returned as text in the e-mail, what do I do wrong?
Thanks in advance for some guidance,
Hi Tjerk,
+ I believe that the Body box lets you set a Custom template; the Auto Template tab lets you customise the Auto Template
+ I don't think that is correct
+ Not as far as I know
+ If there is no content in the body when the email is sent the Mailer service will block it.
+ I don't know the answer :-(
ChronoForms technical support
If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much
Thank you Bob, for being so kind answering my questions.