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Form in module: Invisible form not working as expected

jj135 , April 16 2018
jj135 414
April 16 2018 #377022
Hi! When using a form in a module and use the setup option 'Invisible form' (Form setup -> Display Section') the form is not working correctly. The form is not 'changed' from 'div' to 'form' and therefor not working.
Should it be possible to get this working or should we just avoid using this functionality when using the module?
Not sure if this also applies to the plugin method of placing a form in an article. I believe I had some issues with that to...
I think maybe this is some kind of caching issue. But not sure.
Also: Would it be a usefull addition to set the css of a 'div' form ('invisible form') to hidden? Then it would be easier to see if a from is actually working / converted to a form). Or would that have other unexpected side effects? Just a thoought,,,,