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print custom html

morphz , April 16 2018
Hi all.
I have a table listing records from a db.
One event shows a custom html including the data of a single record.
Now I would like to print this content. this custom html
Using the Joomla print function for the article does not show any content in the print pop-up
I found this thread:
But I guess that only applies for the table listing? Or is there an even easier way to approach this?
Thanks in advance!
I added something similar, I have the custom html that opens a form window when a database row is selected. Is that how yours operates?
I want to print a simple html which is loaded from the database. preferably with the integrated joomla print function.
Interesting enough it WOULD print the form+fields itself, but not my custom html (in chronoforms, tried solving it like that)
Standard Joomla Print Function works on forms:
Standard Joomla Print Function does NOT work on my custom html:
Comparing the CSS didn't tell me much. both of the contents are in the exact same divs and classes. Yet one is shown in the joomla print pop-up, the other isn't.
I bet it's not much more needed but I just can't find the issue.
A print solution without any additional JS would be really nice to have..
PS: not exactly Roaf. every row has a button to open the custom html page
Found this: - A workaround that probably would work.
But I'd rather buy some coffee for the guys from chronoengine.