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Save 1 to 1 DB Relation

igmz , April 12 2018
igmz 2
April 12 2018 #376965
I have to tables in mi database:
MAIN with an ID
MAIN_DETAILS with a forgeing key to MAIN
I have a form to get both table data so I that I want to do is save first details to MAIN table and after save data to MAIN_DETAILS with the fk included.
Please, anyone could help me??
Thanks in advance!
admin 26.0
April 19 2018 #377144
Hello igmz,
Just use 2 "Save data" actions, after the first one the id value should be available under:
You can use that in the "Insert data override" of the 2nd "Save data".
You can check the whole list of available variables by using a Debugger
Best regards
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igmz 2
April 20 2018 #377158
Many thanks!