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What is latest version of chronoconnectivity v4?

nilubon03 , April 11 2018, 19:23
nilubon03 122
April 11 2018, 19:23 #376956
Please forgive me with this question. It has been a while since I had Chronoconnectivity and did not check the latest product regularly. I have Chronoconnectivity v 4.0.1 for Joomla 3x. When I checked on the download page, I saw I want to double check if the is on the download page is the latest one.
I plan to switch to Chronoform 6 and Chronoconnectivity 6 soon. I want to make sure I have v4 version up-to-date until I move to v6.
Thank you,
GreyHead 64
April 12 2018, 07:41 #376961
Hi nilubon03,
The latest version I have downloaded appears to be from March 2017
I don't know why Max has the earlier version in the downloads list :-(
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