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Create a hyperlink based on field value in CCv6

momentis , April 10 at 16:08
I am displaying a list of files in CCv6. One of the fields in the table contains the filename. I would like the list to create a hyperlink for each file, but I cannot figure out how to do this. I have walked through the tutorial in the FAQ's, but I am still a bit confused.
I have a view named "main_listing" that pulls the data from the table, with a model of "mess". The filename field is named "mess_filename". It does not contain the complete URL to the file (http://www.mysite/images/messenger), just the name. I would need to append the URL to "mess_filename" when the connection is viewed. I set up a view called "file_link", and used {var:main_listing.row.mess.filename} in the Content box.
I am confused as to the next step(s).

Anyone have an idea on this?

I got it working. In case it helps anyone else, here's what I used in the Content and URL and/or URL parameters boxes:
Content: {var:main_listing.row.mess.mess_filename}
URL and/or URL parameters:{var:main_listing.row.mess.mess_filename}
In the end, this makes sense. I just couldn't get it right away!