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Undefined index in mail.php

HerKle , April 09 2018
HerKle 206
April 09 2018 #376830
In administrator/components/com_chronoforms5/chronoforms/actions/email/email.php the line 246
 if($settings['mail']['mail_method'] == 'joomla'){
delivers this php notice:
Notice: Undefined index: mail in [domain]\administrator\components\com_chronoforms5\chronoforms\actions\email\email.php on line 246
How can I fix this?
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GreyHead 63.3
April 21 2018 #377171
Hi HerKle,
The simplest way is to set your Site Error Reporting to System Default. PHP Notices are usually a nuisance, not a problem.
If you need to keep it at a high level then you could edit the code to check if 'mail' is set in the $settings array.
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