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DB Save only fields in the Database

U Can Drive , March 10 2018
U Can Drive 115
March 10 2018 #376019
I know this may seem simple but I really can't get it.
In CFv5 a DBSave would naturally save all the information the Database had.
CFv6 seems to have an all or nothing attitude.

I've found I can list each field separately under the "Data Override on Insert"
But it looks/reads like I should be able to put something in the "Data provider" to do this.

Is there an easy way to only save all the fields IN the Database and no others?
If I use the "Auto save fields" option it adds the rest of the fields to the Database, I need to save some info to one Database and some to another Database.
Thank you in advance.
admin 26.4
March 11 2018 #376032
If you disable the "Auto manage table" setting in the "save data" then only the form fields matching the table fields will be saved, you may then have 2 "save data" action connected to 2 different tables if you want the data in 2 database tables.
Best regards
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U Can Drive 115
March 11 2018 #376034
Perfect, thank you. I'd tried that but hadn't re-enabled the Auto Save as well.