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session_regenerate_id warning with CFv5 on Wordpress

cappleby , March 10 2018, 04:44
cappleby 80
March 10 2018, 04:44 #376007
I get an error on a regular basis when I first go to my Wordpress site that says:
Warning: session_regenerate_id(): Cannot regenerate session id - session is not active in /home/anglicanfuture/ on line 218.
This will go away if I re-enter the URL but I'm concerned that non-technical users will give up at that point.
Can anyone suggest a way to stop this happening?
Worpress is the latest version and I'm using the divi-builder template from Elegant Themes.
admin 27
March 20 2018, 03:50 #376233
Hi cappleby,
I suggest that you either use v6, OR lower the error reporting setting in your PHP config on the server, warnings should not be displayed on production websites.
Best regards
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