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Editable DateTime Field

vividal , March 09 at 02:54
I am trying to create a table that has multiple rows that I can edit the Date & Time for each Row. That part I have working EX CEPT the DateTime format isnt right.
I have used a "Views:Fields" entry and chose "Calendar" for my field. For "Type" I have chose "DateTime" and put in the "Format" I want to display (this doesnt really seem to matter though). The issue that I have is when I load the page it only shows the DATE (y-m-d, regardless of what is in the "Format" field) and no time and when I "Submit" it, it changes the time to 00:00:00 even if there was a time previously entered (through a single update chronoform).
It doesnt appear to matter what "Type" or "Format" i enter, all I get is the DATE (no TIME).
Any thoughts on what the issue might be?
Hi vividal,
Please try to use the Calendar field view under the Fields group, the "Fields" view needs some update.
Best regards
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That worked perfectly...Did even realize that was an option. Built it from the example. thx for the quick reply.