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Error on form submission

jjspelman , March 08 2018, 18:02
jjspelman 187
March 08 2018, 18:02 #375965
On a rental application I created with CFV5, we are now getting an error when trying to submit the form. I added the ability to upload files, added the upload file to the setup and now we are getting this message:
Notice: Undefined index: mail in/home/aictampa/public_html/ line246
The form is here:
Please help asap as the client is not getting the completed applications to fill their vacancies.
I can provide admin if necessary.
GreyHead 64
March 09 2018, 09:43 #375980
HI jjspelman,
Do you have the latest release of CFv5 installed? I can see code that might give rise to this notice around line 229 but not at line 246.
That is a PHP Notice - not an error, does the form work correctly if you change the Site Error Reporting to System Default or None?
ChronoForms technical support
If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much
jjspelman 187
March 09 2018, 14:32 #375988
I turned error reporting off and the message goes away.
The form goes to the Thank you message, but still not getting uploads.
I tried adding "field1:jpg-png-gif-pdf-doc
field2:zip-rar" set up in the config for File Upload - but still not working.
This is the latest version of CFv5. 5.0.16
jjspelman 187
March 09 2018, 15:14 #375991
SOLVED - OK i corrected the issue. I was using "field1" as the name and not the actual name of the field.