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Chronoform 6 multiplier - reload data after submission

walterbz , March 08 at 16:19
I'm doing some test with Chronoform 6.
I've made a simple form witha dynamic multiplier as seen in the manual page 40/41.
It works but I have some problems when i will reload data after submission (validate fields - event loader).
Data submitted in normal fields is reloaded correctly but not the posted content in the dynamic field.
Also in order to display the same number of fields I put the var: {var:area_repeater1.key} in the Data provider field of the Repeater Area but it does not work.
Any idea?​
​Thank you in advice.
Hi walterbiz,
How do you reload the data into the form ? using "read data" ? if yes then how do you have it setup ?
Best regards
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Hi Max, thanks for your answer.
I do not save nor read data.
I use the event loader to reload data after submission. I discovered that if the repeater area is left with a fixed value in the Data Provided field then the values set in the repeated field is kept after submission.
To better understand here are two samples:
Sample1 = when you submit this form the data in the field "text" is kepy but everything you put in the repeated "name" field is lost
Sample2 = this is the same form exept that 2 is set in field "Data Provided". As you can see all data is kept in field after submission
I hope to have better explained the problem.