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Spinning Wheel Keeps Spinning after form submission

tenspiderfingers , March 08 2018, 09:20
tenspiderfingers 23
March 08 2018, 09:20 #375940
I used to be able to get the confirmation page loaded after form submission. After updating to the latest version, a spinning wheel appears after hitting send to prevent the confirmation page from loading. Am I missing anything in the setup? However I do get the emails as well as the pdf downloaded via tcpdf.
This is a screenshot in the setup tab:
H 37
March 08 2018, 10:40 #375943
I get the same since updating to CETCPDF, it works OK if the TCPDF action is Store but if it has Download then it just spins! I've tried doing a redirect after the TCPDF call as well to see if that will fix it but it still hangs.

admin 29
March 08 2018, 14:22 #375948
Hi Jon,
Setting the TCPDF to "download" flushes the output sent by the server and you will not get any output from the submit event, if you want to download the file then you better have a link to redirect to another page (form event) with the tcpdf action there.
Best regards
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