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Chronoforms v6 : How to subscribe user to list and send email only if paypal payment is successful?

oloccina , March 06 2018, 16:21
oloccina 118
March 06 2018, 16:21 #375905
I have created a form using the paypal demo as base, but now I can't find a way to set it up so that it subscribes the user to a list and send him an email only if paypal payment is successful.
I have a CURL and and email action (both tested and working), I tried to them as last actions in the in "Complete" and in the "ipn" tabs, but they dont' work. They only work if I place them in the "submit" tab before the paypal redirect action, thus subscribing the user to the list even if he doesn't complete the payment.
Any idea? Thanks!
admin 28
March 24 2018, 03:04 #376375
Hi oloccina,
You can do it the way you have now, save them with a flag paid = 0, then update the flag to 1 after they pay using ipn, or do not save it at all and save the record after they pay using ipn.
Best regards
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