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Icon and lightbox image in CFv5

quenda , March 02 at 17:03
​I know that reCaptcha V1 (now deprecated) and reCaptcha V2 do not work with CFv4 in Joomla 3.8.x… I right?​
​So I have done a complete form recreation in CFv5…..unfortunately a very long process.​
​In this form (CFv4) I was lucky enough to add a small magnifying glass icon WITH a lightbox image next to the Field label:​
​Of course the only way to do this is to add this code in the CUSTOM Form’s code:

​<label><a href="images/bottiglie/bianchi/verdea-la-tonsa.png" class="jcepopup noicon" data-mediabox="1"><img src="images/magnifying-glass.png" alt="magnifying glass" style="margin: 0px 10px 0px 0px; vertical-align: top;" /></a>Verdea La Tonsa</label> ​
​Also a very long and tedious job…..​
​QUESTION: how can I add the same magnifying glass icon WITH lightbox image in CFv5?​
​Thank-you for your help.​
Hi ettore,
Probably by copying and pasting your custom HTML from one form to the other?
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