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On Value empty another field

Royal Rangers , February 22 2018
Royal Rangers 1
February 22 2018 #375668
How can I e.g. empty another field when I select a certain value in one field. It is possible to hide or disable another field but how to change the value.
Example: I select a checkbox (value 1) and another field (e.g. "Firstname") is enabled/shown. The user fills in his firstname. But then he unchecks the checkbox (value 0) again. How could I empty the field "Firstname" again?
Thanks for your quick help!!!
admin 26.0
February 23 2018 #375679
Hi Royal Rangers,
This action is not available but if you send me a message using the contact page then I will prepare a patch file and send it to you as soon as possible.
Best regards
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