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Saving the sum of values inside an event loop

bensonley , February 22 2018
bensonley 65
February 22 2018 #375662
Having difficultly finding the right approach to calculate some values upon saving.
I have 3 tables that update or create new records on submit.

1 ( Service data) + 2 ( Pricing data) An Loop event (LE) that saves data in a repeater area in the form. Some custom php and read data actions inside the LE which looks up a third and small table to match the service type with a cost and add that cost to the service data when saving.
3 ( Assignee data) is the main one and final action. All normal {data:} fields are saved here, some custom php code in there to check and reformat dates. All fine. Except for what i want to add below:
What I want to do is add the LE values together to create a total value and add it to the Assignee table.
Not sure where to put the php to grab the LE values and add them together. I would like to create a string and use something like sum($values), but nothign ve tried has worked yet.
LE values i want are {var:loop_event45.cost}
If you need more data / info, let me know.
bensonley 65
February 23 2018 #375673
Managed to solve it using a php foreach() loop prior to the LE. Dont know why i didnt think fo that before.