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BUG: Setup->Validate FIelds->Fields list selection breaks client side validation.

SplodeForms , February 20 at 03:21
In the Setup part, validate fields action, I set "Fields list selection" to "All fields with validation rules but excluding those listed below." and listed the password field in the "fields list" box. Thereafter the client side validation of the password field did not function. Errors and red letters before clicking submit did not function for that field.
Nothing would correct this except deleting the password field and recreating it.
Before deleting password field I tried:
-- changed the setup->validate fields action back to "All fields with validation rules" and removed "password" from the fields list
-- deleted the validate fields action
-- added a new validate fields action
-- cleared the cache
-- closed my browser (should wipe all stored data, cache, cookies, etc.)
Nothing fixed it except deleting the password field. A new password field worked as normal. The other fields worked normally during this. Only the field I listed to be excluded had the bug.