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Contact form not sending email

ljk , February 13 at 00:44
I have this form: which was working fine. But I upgraded to the latest Chronoforms version 5.0.16 and now when you submit the form it isn't sending out the email, the page just gets reloaded. There is no error messages. I tried adding the Debugger event but it doesn't show anything.
The same thing is happening on this form:
Any idea what has changed with the forms that is causing them not to work?​
Joomla 3.8.5
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Thank you.​
Hi ljk,
I don't see any obvious problems in the front-end (except that the form re-loads); the upload link you posted doesn't see to link to anything?
ChronoForms technical support
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Thank you for looking. It is a very strange problem.
I tried changing the error level to Maximum, but nothing showed when submitting the form.
When you enter information, if you enter the wrong captcha, the form just reloads without an error, so I thought maybe it was the captcha causing the problem. So, I removed the captcha but still the same thing when you submit the form it just reloads the page without any errors. So, it doesn't look like it is a captcha problem.
I have upgraded Joomla and software on other sites on the same server and they are working. The only difference I can think of on this site is that it has Community Builder, but I don't know why that would cause any issues.
The content here is visible only for authorized users.
and also uploaded it again.
Thank you for your help.