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Hide a value in email when checkbox is unchecked ?

Hi !
When I uncheck the box "Recto verso", the value of "Impression verso" is sent in the email, it is possible to hide in email the value of this field when the box "Recto verso" is unchecked ?
Thank you

​When "Recto verso" is uncheckedchrono2.png
When "Recto verso" is checked --> everything is ok in the email​
Hi marc,
You can use a Custom Code action before the Email to check and change the value of the Impression Verso data element.
ChronoForms technical support
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Thank you for your answer, but I'm a little bit lost, sorry for the dumb question but where can I found this Custom Code ? How can I do that ?
It is possible to use "Events" to simply disable "Include value in email" for my other element ?
Thank you.​
Hi marc,
Unfortunately this feature is not available, you will need to use PHP code to build the email template and check if the checkbox value was available or not and add the text accordingly.
But I can try some change which may work for you, please disable the "Ghost" feature under the "advanced" tab and send me a message using the "Contact" page to get a patch file to test.
Best regards
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