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Cronoforms 5 custom container inner input ids

peppelaria , February 09 at 10:35
Hi Max, I need to create multiple containers with various input fields inside which conditionally appears and disappers on radio options checked.
the containers must be of type "custom".
I would like to use chronoforms input components for validation purpose.
there is a way to dynamically set input ids based on container properties?

thanks in advance for your help
Hi peppelaria,
I'm not clear exactly what you need to do. You can probably do this with JavaScript - possibly using CF events to trigger the show hide actions. But if you have duplicate IDs or names anywhere then you must disable all but one of them to avoid problems with the submitted data.
ChronoForms technical support
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hi Bob. I solved by writing some php loop with some javascript. This way I'm able to loop trough inputs created with handwrite html updating the id of each one by adding and incrementing a numeric value.
I woul like to know if ther's a way to update the id of a chronoform input component like textbox or radiobox whith some php. Eg: id = textbox_<?php echo $i; ?>
Text and radios are inside a container type custom with a php foreach loop into the start code field.
thank you so mutch for your help