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Pass Variable from a div class to Update

vividal , February 08 at 00:21
1st the more time I spend with the Chrono products, the more I like them (especially as I figure out how to do the things I am trying to do). But with that comes more questions so thanks in advance for your support.
I have gotten a CC6 table working with a single field to update. Now I want to place a dropdown at the top of the form in a div class and then pass that value to all the records I insert (all records get the same value for that field). The value of the dropdown outside the table doesnt show up in the data array. How do I get that value to the data array?
Hi vividal ,
I'm not sure that I understand exactly what you need to do - I think you would need to use JavaScript set to update all of the rows when the drop-down changed.
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The dropdown value is not passed because its outside the form node which is included by default in the table view, so for this to work you would need to either update a hidden field inside the table when the dropdown value changes as Bob has suggested OR:
  1. disable the form node in the table view settings
  2. Call the whole view (table + dropdown/header) inside a new form view
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