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Prepopulate second dynamic dropdown

Pigna , February 07 at 17:08
I've a form with two dynamic dropdown. Drop1 is prepopulated with {var:read_data4}. Drop2 is empty, when the user select a value of drop1 it is populated by a reload event with the value of {var:read_data5}. Everything is ok.
Now i need to prepopulate drop2 with all values when form is loaded. I can made another read (es: read_data6) and put {var:read_data6} in the "Options" field of the dropdown instead of read_data5, but so the reload event will not work anymore.​
Any idea? Thank you!​
Hi Pigna,
Leave {var:read_data5} in the options of drop2, but add after it {var:read_data6}, this will run both of them.
Best regards
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Yes, now everything works!
Thank you Max!​