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Calendar/Datepicker restricted dates

gotpowr , February 06 2018
gotpowr 7
February 06 2018 #375070

I have a form in Chronoformsv4 that I restrict the days (since it uses the Mootools datepicker) to 1st, 3rd, and 5th Tuesdays of the month (plus a dynamic start date). I figured out how to do the dynamic start date in Chronoformsv6, but is there any way to restrict the days to certain ones? I tried a number of things and it doesn't seem to work. Is there custom PHP that I can add in or some sort of configuration I'm missing? I'd really like to upgrade to v6.

admin 25.4
February 07 2018 #375111
Hi gotpowr,
This new feature was added just recently and is not available until the next update, you will be able to list the "open days", example:
1,3 //for Mondays and Wednesdays
Is this what you are looking for ? or you need to be able to open specific dates ?
Best regards
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gotpowr 7
February 22 2018 #375669
Hi Max,
That helps, thanks, but I am looking for specific dates as well. We only meet two-3 times a month on Tuesdays so I want to make sure that only those days are available for selection. On V4 with mootools picker I have that set with the specific days option, but couldn't find a way to do it in V6.