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Can this be done?

bascherz , February 02 at 00:29

Trying to determine if I can do the following with Connectivity v6 before I buy a license. It vaguely seems like it might be able to do this, but I can't tell because it is quite non-intuitive to figure out how all the pieces work together.

I just need a simple table, which I was actually able to create using Connectivity (wasn't too hard, though it was clumsy). Each record has an auto-id (aid), date, and 5 prize amounts. I want to be able to display the date and prize amounts from a single record in a small single-column table in an article by specifying the date. It's OK and somewhat expected that I may have to fetch the individual values from each record one at a time.

A) Can this be done? if not, we're done here.

B) How are the various pieces of this setup in the admin interface?

C) Can it work more or less like a plugin placeholder? For instance, can I insert something like the following into my article and get, say, the value for prize1 from a given date? {myaction date="2018-02-01", prize1}

This thing may have the potential to do a lot of detail work. If it's as powerful as I think it may be, I want it.

Thanks in advance,


Vienna, VA USA


Hi Bruce,

C- You can call the plugin using this syntax: {chronoconnectivity6}connection-alias?date=2018-02-01{/chronoconnectivity6}

Now, in your connection you can use {var:date} to capture the passed date value anywhere you can use a shortcode, did you check the demo connections ?

Best regards

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