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Joomla Password Incorrect / Activation Email?

missnene , January 31 at 18:16

I'm attempting to upgrade to Chronoforms 6, due to an issue I was having with reCaptcha v2. I have come across a couple of issues.​
​First is when testing the form, I have changed the activation to be via the Administrator. I'm not sure, but I was under the impression it was to send an email with an activation link? Am I incorrect in this?​
​Second, after enabling and activating on the backend, my test user's password seems to have changed. I don't see a setting for "Random Password" like in v5, and have always had that setting set to "No" in past instances. Any ideas?


I think I could deal with not getting the activation email, as long as the passwords worked. I've used Chronoforms since the beginning. I'd really hate to switch to something else. ​

Username and password do not match or you do not have an account yet.

Hi missnene,

v6 does not send the joomla activation email, you would need to create one using the email action

For the password, there is a bug in the larest release which breaks the saved password, you need a patch to solve this, you can either wait for the new release which is supposed to be ready in the next few days or please send me a message using the contact page to get an update file.

Best regards

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Thanks Max!
Need the patch for the Joomla Registration 'bug fix'
Hi swmjason,
Max's post was back in February so the current release should include the fix.
ChronoForms technical support
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