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mixed identifiers for events problem

emmexx , January 24 at 07:09
From the docs and faqs it is not clear what should be the content of the identifier property in the event tab.
I mean that if you enter just one identifier everything works as expected but if you mix different selectors the events are not triggered or are triggered depending on the selectors.
I tried an enable validation or a hide event for a calendar and a checkboxes group. I tried:

- mycheckboxes,mycalendar
- mycheckboxes
  • ,mycalendar
    - mycheckboxes,#mycalendar
    - mycheckboxes
  • ,#mycalendar
    - mycalendar,mycheckboxes
    - mycalendar,mycheckboxes

  • - #mycalendar,mycheckboxes
    - #mycalendar,mycheckboxes

  • and other variations I don't remember. I had to separate the events, one for the checkboxes group and one for the calendar.

    I tried to debug the js code that parses the identifiers but I'm not sure I understand the meaning and probably the code is incomplete.

    If the separation of the selectors is by design, it should be written in the docs and in the identifier tooltip.


    Hi maxx,

    You can target multiple elements by adding different selectors in multiple lines, example:


    Best regards

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