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email {autofields} not updating after label change

kiran.cheema , January 23 at 18:52
we have seen some odd behaviour with the email {autofields}

Don't know is this is a bug or just me not pressing the right buttons ..

So I create a new form add a couple of fields and add the e-mail submission. save and test all is good I get an e-mail with the values of the test field

I notice the label is wrong -> go into designer change label save and re-test

No change - email shows the original field label..

Things I have tried that didn't work:
delete email action hit save add it back in again - no change
delete field - add feild again - Old feild is now showing as well as new feild
Browser flush cache and hard reload -> no change

Things that did work -> delete whole form and start again .... as you can imagine that could be painful !

wonder if the labels might be being left in a session var somewhere ?

Hi Kiran,

For now you can solve this by logging out/in of the website then back, this resets your session cache where the auto fields info are stored.

Best regards

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