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Only for registered users and above

AsCiix , January 16 2018, 14:36
AsCiix 1
January 16 2018, 14:36 #374623
This may be already been posted somewhere in the forum, but after one hour of searching I just give up.

My question is simple, in V6 - how to load some sort of condicion -
- Load form if the user is registered and above
- Fail to load form and show some message if the user is not logged in.

I used to use authenticator, but in v6 can't figure it out.

Thank you in advance
admin 27
January 18 2018, 22:51 #374664
Hi AsCiix,

In v6 its a bit different.

Under General > disable the "Permissions deactivated" setting then save the form.

Then go under Setup > Load > click he permissions tab.

Select the allowed groups and in the "on access denied" you can write a message or you can use a shortcode to call something, better create a new event called "failed", then use {event:failed} in the "on access denied" box to call the event you have created where you can add any actions you need.

Best regards
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