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nocaptcha not working

gdimi , January 15 at 11:42
Hello to all,

I recently purchased chronoforms 6 and I'm trying to setup some simple forms (name, mail, message, nocaptcha) but I am failing to make nocaptcha work correctly.

The symptom I am facing is that when you do not tick recaptcha and hit submit, no error is displayed just reloads the form.

I have placed a debugger in the fail section of nocaptcha check and there I can see the error. Also in the fail section of the recaptcha check I have an event loader so to load the form.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!
some extra info:

- the chronoform 6 is installed in a joomla 3.8.3

- another problem is that when the form is reloaded -after a failure in nocaptcha- , the nocaptcha element is missing
Hi gdimi,

This form is tested using the content plugin ? or using the "view form" link in the forms manager ?

Its best to test the form using the blue "Preview" button in the form designer first to make sure that it works as expected in the admin area.

Best regards
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Hello Max,

yes the form is tested from the "view form" link, it is not public yet anyway

I am attaching a backup of the said form so you can examine it if you can!

Thank you for your time!
Hello guys,

I am sorry to bother you but I can't find a solution..
Nevermind, I found it, when submit is on ajax mode, the recaptcha is not working properly