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Can't save data with CF6 form

I have a CC6 connection with a link to a CF6 form. The idea is to add data to a table.
The toolbar button calls the add_new_userinfo event.

The content of that event is:
{fn:read_one_info} where read_one_info has model name Info and the correct table and Where conditions - Info.aid:{data:info_aid} (Do I really need this?)
{view:add_new_userinfo_form} The form calls the event save_new_info with content {chronoform/section:add-user-to-userinfo/one}

In the CF form the fields names are all Info[fieldname]
The save data function in CF has the same model name - Info and table.. Data Provider is {data:Info}. (I have also tried {data:})

Then back in CC the save_new_info event calls {fn: save_new_userinfo} which as the Data Provider as {data:Info}
The the check save result tells me that the save was unsuccessfull.
The debugger is giving me this:
[option] => com_chronoconnectivity6
[cont] => manager
[conn] => list-userinfo
[event] => save_new_info
[Info] => Array
[id] => 2002
[username] => 969696
[club] => 96 Club
[firstname] => Ninety
[lastname] => Six
[email] =>
[phone] =>
[address] =>
[city] =>
[state] => CA
[zipcode] =>
[delegate] => 1
[handicap] =>
[membership] =>
[treasurer] =>

[button8] =>
[c7cdc14aab16bc5f08bca9243b54f35f] => pksgr3dbu08ti9i076mf20jvl5
[joomla_user_state] => logged_in
[c20ec1ace068cbe9b5a3aad234d4d48e] => 70v43d3bo3679psa9bll5c48j1
[jSGCacheBypass] => 1
[257f3e65a96014085ec61fa6591480ee] => 1
and this

Nothing is being saved.
Where am I going wrong?