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Relating two tables with foreign key

kkurtz , January 01 at 00:05
I am trying to relate two tables: one is the Joomla users table (primary key is id) and the other is a user information table. Both tables contain the username. But I don't want to make the primary key the username in the information table because I need to allow multiple records for some of the usernames. How can I use the foreign key to match the two tables? I would rather not force the second table to have the id field if I can help it.

Thank you,
Hi Karen,

The usual setup is to have the 2nd table have a field named "user_id" which contains the user id from the first table, then you can use user_id as the foreign key and select the relation type as "multiple matching" if you are going to have multiple records per user.

Best regards
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So I guess I'll have to find a way to add the user_id to my second table.

Thanks, Max