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How to use radios group events to control whether a field is included in the mail.

farscape , December 31 2017
I am creating a preschool registration form. It allows a family to enter family information and the uses a repeater area to capture info for each child.

For each child, the parents identify the age (1-5). The age determines subsequent questions. I am hiding the subsequent questions by default, and want to reveal the relevant questions as the parents make their choice. Ages 3, 4 and 5 require an answer to the question of whether the child is potty-trained. At the moment, if I create a single potty-training question, and create select and unselect events for ages 3, 4 and 5, the question does not appear. If I create a separate potty-trained question for each age and set the events of each age to a different question, the question appears.

The problem is, all three questions appear in the resulting email. I'd like to include only the question that relates to the age.

Question: I think I want to set the "include value in email" property to off for these three questions, then create an event in the age field to selectively turn on the relevant version of the question. How do I identify that property in the event to turn on/off?

OR is there a way to use the same question for all three age-field events?