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CC6 (v6.06) Google Address / Maps Widget

CSDweb , December 21 2017
How do I use the Google Address and/or Google Maps widgets included with CC6 to get the latitude and longitude of an address and display it on a map inside of CC6? I now have a CC6 form with all of the required field ID's with the Google Address setup to use them, but I don't see a way to pass the address to be found to the wedget, and I've not found anything here on how to use the Google Address or Maps widget.
Hi CSDweb,

The address widget will auto complete an address and auto populate the address fields, like stree, city, country..etc, but you can't get the lat/long of this info.

The maps widget currently displays a map only, it can't be used to get a location info!

Happy new year!

Best regards
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