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Asterisk bug security image

joachimliedtke , December 19 2017
Well, not a bug, but looks strange. If the security image is "required" and the security icons are aligned vertically the label is followed correctly by the red asterisk, but when the security icons are aligned horizontally, the options (security icons) instead of the label are followed by the asterisk.

Not elegant, but it works for me (/libraries/cegcore2/assets/semantic-ui/components/form.inline.min.css) add the following code:

.ui.form .multifield.required > label:after {
  margin: -.2em 0 0 .2em;
  content: '*';
  color: #db2828;

.ui.form .multifield.required.fields:not(.grouped)>.field>.checkbox:after {
  content: '' !important;