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Chronoforms sending emails with data taken from db read

creositi , December 18 2017
Hello to all,
I created a form with chronoforms where I save some data in a db.
I then created a second form where I extrapolate the saved data via an ID dropdown.
In this form there is just a dropdown with ids taken from the db and via db read, selecting the id I see in a container div all the data.
My problem is that I need to send all the data extrapolated via email. But being displayed in a container, I can not do it.
I hope you can help me and thank you.

- First form already created and working:
The user enters the name, surname, address, etc.
The data is saved in a database and a mail is sent with the complete data summary

- Second form (the one with which I have problems)
The site administrator chooses the number of the id of the form with a dropdown
Exits in a container div name, surname, address, etc. associated with that id (thanks to the db read)
Up to here everything works
What I can not do is send this data extrapolated via email from this form.
I solved.
I used a TEXT BOX instead of a CONTAINER DIV.
In the mail I then inserted only the name of the TEXT BOX in the brackets {} and took directly all the content.