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Displaying database records on the front end?

joachimliedtke , December 14 2017
For an education site I need to have results displayed on the front end. I have to admit - I used visforms before - but I would like to do the same with chronoforms.

Here is what I like to get:
1. Users of one group have to confirm on a form page that they read a certain instruction.
2. This confirmation will be saved to the database.
3. The "instructor" has a results page, where he gets shown who read the instruction.
4. The user who did not confirm, that they read the instruction will be listed.
5) The "instructor" clicks a link to initiate a mass email with a reminder for the users who did not confirm.

I guess this is far beyond forum support. But I would be glad if there is a way to represent the results nicely formatted on the front end for the "instructor". Maybe the rest I get to work.

Thx for reading.
Hi Joachim,

Use ChronoForms v6 for the User form.

Then you can use ChronoConnectivity v6 to display the listing of results from the database. The listing can be sorted or filtered and can include 'action' links - e,g. to send an email.

ChronoForms technical support
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