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Error on updating locales

joachimliedtke , December 05 2017
6.0.14. Building the locales de_DE works fine, but when I try to update the file I get some errors

Warning: syntax error, unexpected '$' in /xx/xx/xx/administrator/components/com_chronoforms6/chronoforms/locales/de_DE.ini on line 640 in /xx/xx/xx/libraries/cegcore2/libs/lang.php on line 73

Warning: array_merge(): Argument #2 is not an array in /xx/xx/xx/libraries/cegcore2/libs/lang.php on line 74

Line 640 in de_DE.ini says:

SELF$EVENTPLG$PLUGIN[NAME]ADD_TO_CARTPID$PRODUCT[PRODUCT][ID]TVOUTVIEW = "_self$event=plg.'.$plugin['name'].'.add_to_cart&pid='.$product['product']['id'].'&tvout=view"

How to fix?

Sorry, wrong prefix for the post. It seems to be that the shopper plugin is to blame?!?. I deleted it and the locales can be saved again without problems.
Hi joachimliedtke,

Thanks for the post, this should be fixed in the new update!

Best regards
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