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Need to create form with Repeat function that writes to email and database

jjspelman , December 01 2017, 23:10
jjspelman 186
December 01 2017, 23:10 #373892
I have nearly a dozen very lengthy forms that i am trying to update and take advantage of the Repeater feature. These forms are for a packaging manufacturer that requires information about products and sizes in order to provide a quote for the machinery. Some product manufacturers have only one product, but others

I am trying to take advantage of the Repeater function by allowing users to add additional information if needed. For example, on the sample form here (, I want to create an "Area" that contains all the fields necessary to complete the information for one item submission, and if they have additional items, to simply click Add another item, and the same 8 fields are then repeated for the additional item(s).

I am obviously missing something here because when loading the form, the initial area with the original 8 fields are not even showing on the page. They do not show until you click "Add another item" button.

When adding an additional item to the form, it is not being saved to the database or written to the emails.

Max said I am not labeling fields correctly in order to take advantage of this feature. I just do not understand the instructions. I am not a programmer by any means, just a simply front end guy.

I am asking for help in getting this set up on one form so I can then do it on the other 11 forms.

I will backup the one form I have started, have you finish it, test it here again, and hopefully move on from there.

The problem is I needed this weeks ago. I am willing to pay for the properties solutions.

Please reply asap if you are very familiar with this feature and have time to do this immediately.

healyhatman 7
April 04 2018, 05:40 #376700
It's been 4 months and a few hundred views, did you eventually get someone to help you out?
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