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Multiple ReCaptcha on 1 page

seppo , November 30 2017
I have 2 versions of same form loaded on same page, one for mobile and at another location for desktop. These are separated by css.

The problem is, I have the Recaptcha only on one of them (phone version, which is loaded first). As I did some reasearch, ReCaptcha has problems if it is used in more than one forms at same page. This could be overcome by using explicit render on each submit button.
I guess this is currently not possible with Chronoforms, correct if I am wrong? If not, that would be a feature to add.
Any light on this?
Hi seppo,

As this is the same form and presumably only one version is ever loaded into the page HTML then there shouldn’t be a problem. Have you tested that?

If I recall correctly you can load two different ReCaptchas on the same page with CF but one of them has to have the Captcha code added using Custom Code - it is simpler to use a different Captcha for the second form.

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