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Problem with CFV6 and WordPress

jjspelman , November 23 2017, 05:56
jjspelman 187
November 23 2017, 05:56 #373698
I created an application form with CFV6 for Wordpress. When adding the form to the page, the ability to scroll vertically on the page is lost. it took me a great deal of tome to find out why but I found a reason.

It seems that the file /wp-content/plugins/chronoforms6/cegcore2/assets/semantic-ui/components/site.min.css is the cause. When I view the source code, then delete the line that is calling the css file, the ability to scroll then returns. Please see screen shots.

I should add that when I change themes to a standard WP theme, the problem goes away.

Obviously there is a conflict with the theme I am using, which is YooTheme Pro version 1.10.4.

Here is a link to the page:

When I viewed the site.min.css file, I could find nothing that would cause this. I am hoping for some insight from support.

Any thoughts?
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jjspelman 187
November 29 2017, 06:57 #373819
Six days and no response?
jkrah 15
January 21 2018, 18:50 #374714
I have the same issue, help!
GreyHead 64
January 22 2018, 11:40 #374722
Hi jjspelman,

I know nothing about CFv6 on WP - I did take a look on your page which seems to me to scroll correctly. There are some JavaScript errors though which might cause other problems.

ChronoForms technical support
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jkrah 15
January 22 2018, 14:03 #374724
Hi Bob, can you look at ?
It is my testsite and Max helped me with a validation yesterday. Now I see that the page is missing the scrollbars on the right side.
kko 49
December 19 2018, 21:59 #382327
I have the same issue. Using CF v6.0.1 with WP v5.0.1 and YT v1.11.3. The page with the form doesn't scroll at all. Any solution to this?
admin 28
February 19 2019, 18:11 #383973
Please update to the latest release, if the problem persists then check your page for JS errors as it may cause problems.
Best regards
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