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Sending an email to different adresses based on the form language

rossiello , November 16 2017
Hi everybody
Some one of you can help me to understand How I can do this?:
I have a form which is translated in different languages, what i need is a way to send the form email to different address based on the language in which the form i filled in
for example:
If a user fill in and send the form in French the email will be sent to
and if a user fill in the form in german the email will be sent to

is this possible in some way with Chronoform?
Many Thanks in advance for all your answer.

Hi Fabrizio,

You can do this using a Custom Code action to check the language (I'm not clear how you know what that is), then set a value in the $form->data array for the email to use and set this in the Dynamic Tab of the Email action. There is a FAQ on sending an email to different addresses which has most of what you need except the language part.

ChronoForms technical support
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In v6 you can do this easily using a "Switch" action, set the Return result as var to enabled, set the data provider to {language:} then set the "Values" of the "switcher" to:

Then use the name of the "switcher" action in the Recipients box of your email action, the switch action should be ABOVE the email action

Best regards
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