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Field event show/reload/validation

Kazhaam , November 10 2017

again first my setup: I got a dropdown with static options. When you select an option a second hidden dropdown shall reload with data from a read data event and show itself.

This has worked fine a couple of weeks ago, but now the second dropdown stays hidden. I have two events in the first drodpwn "on unselecting option 'please select': reload dropdown 2" and "on unselecting option 'please select': show dropdown 2". The load state of drowdown 2 is hidden (i typed in "yes" under info->loadstate->hidden).

In my other form i also encountered some validation problems with the field events "enable validation" and "disable validation" when you want to combine them with reload events, but i fixed it with a validation action on the next form page.

Do i have to change something in the setup? Chronoforms Version 6.0.13 is installed.

Best regards,