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Form Permissions destroy Form

sujet , November 01 2017
I have created one Form with some Fieldsets.
For Test i have set for one Fieldset the Permissions for all Users as denied.
After that i can't load the Form.
I become the error:
0 - syntax error, unexpected 'setting' (T_STRING)
After set the Permissions for Super User as allowed, the same Error.
Now i'm afraid to make changes in other Forms.
I think the Setup for Form Permissions are unstable.
Some Times if i set public Permissions all other Fields set as same Value -> thats fine.
Next Time if i want do the same, the other Fields are not chanched.
Then i must set the Value for each user extra.
Hi sujet,

I can not produce this issue here, could you please attach the test form if it does not have private info ?

Best regards
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