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SMTP in CF5 and CF6


In CF5 we can set the mail method like this (from FAQ):

"CFv5 doesn't use the mailing method defined under the Joomla "Global configuration" area, its configured to use the "PHP mailer" setting by default, you can change this under the "Settings" page in your Chronoforms5 admin home page."

In these settings we can set SMTP settings or chose to use the Joomla system SMTP settings. Correct?

How is this done in CF6? Does CF6 always use the Joomla SMTP settings? Or is there a way to chose different SMTP settings?

And when we chose to use PHPmailer in the CF5 settings, will this use SMTP? Or only when SMTP data is filled out in these settings? We have noticed that mails send bij CF5 were send by the DirectAdmin user on our server when we use the PHPmailer setting. This causes some issues with deliverability.

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