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Unique ID [GH]

cappleby , October 30 2017, 09:58
cappleby 84
October 30 2017, 09:58 #373226
If you want to add the Unique ID [GH] custom action to a component in Wordpress you need to take out the jexec line at the start of the php file. It will then work well.
Chris A
GreyHead 64
October 30 2017, 13:46 #373236
HI Chris,

Thank you - I'm not sure I ever tried to use it on WordPress :-(

ChronoForms technical support
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cappleby 84
October 31 2017, 05:18 #373246
I just copied one of my files to a Wordpress site so needed to use it. Some people prefer Wordpress for some reason!

Chris A