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Dropdown filed don't work with UiKit Yootheme on mobile

thebatik , October 29 2017
I can't select dropdown field on tablet or phone, but on laptop and desktop work correctly.
After tapping on dropdown field nothing happens.

Also I use to UiKit from Yootheme. After exclude .css and .js files UiKit from site, dropdown field work correctly on tablet and phone.

Please, help me to find solution.
Maybe insert some code or rename some class name.
Hi thebatik,

Is the template trying to format the drop-down? If so, please see if you can disable that in the template settings.

ChronoForms technical support
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I tried to exclude uikit.css from template, and then the dropdown list was opened and closed right away on mobile.
I found cause and comment it. See the code.
.uk-light .uk-logo > :not(.uk-logo-inverse):not(:only-of-type),
.uk-section-primary:not(.uk-preserve-color) .uk-logo > :not(.uk-logo-inverse):not(:only-of-type),
.uk-section-secondary:not(.uk-preserve-color) .uk-logo > :not(.uk-logo-inverse):not(:only-of-type),
.uk-tile-primary:not(.uk-preserve-color) .uk-logo > :not(.uk-logo-inverse):not(:only-of-type),
.uk-tile-secondary:not(.uk-preserve-color) .uk-logo > :not(.uk-logo-inverse):not(:only-of-type), .uk-logo > :not(.uk-logo-inverse):not(:only-of-type),
.uk-card-primary > :not([class*='uk-card-media']) .uk-logo > :not(.uk-logo-inverse):not(:only-of-type), .uk-logo > :not(.uk-logo-inverse):not(:only-of-type),
.uk-card-secondary > :not([class*='uk-card-media']) .uk-logo > :not(.uk-logo-inverse):not(:only-of-type),
.uk-overlay-primary .uk-logo > :not(.uk-logo-inverse):not(:only-of-type),
.uk-offcanvas-bar .uk-logo > :not(.uk-logo-inverse):not(:only-of-type) {
display: none;

After excluding uikit.js from template, the dropdown list work correctly on all devices. In this file I can't found cause of this problem.

Can I rename class "dropdown" (like "dropdown-chrono), which inserted automaticaly by the your component?
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